K-LIFT has a Board of Trustees composed of the following members:-
1. Dr. Paul Rwambo - Chairman
2. Dr. Walter N. Masiga – Vice-Chairman
3. Dr. Stephen Kiniiya - K-LIFT CEO and Secretary to the Board
4. Dr. Varma Vijay - Member
5. Hon. Duale Aden - Member
6. Sitting Kenya Veterinary Association(KVA) chairman - Member

The role of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that there is accountability and transparency in the management of K-LIFT to the satisfaction of the stakeholders. 
The Board of Trustees has also the Executive committee, Credit and Finance & ICT committees.

Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Paul Rwambo - Chairman

    Dr. Paul M. Rwambo is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Kenya Livestock Finance Trust (K-LIFT) and was

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  • Dr. Walter N. Masiga - Vice Chairman

    Dr Masiga, a veteran vet is a K-LIFTboard member, he has done a lot work in veterinary bacteriology and vaccines

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  • Dr. Stephen Kiniiya - K-LIFT CEO and Secretary

    Dr Kiniiya is the Chief Executive Officer of K-LIFT and the secretary of the Board of Trustess. He holds a

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  • Dr. Varma Vijay - Member

    Dr Varma is a private veterinary surgeon specializing in equine medicine at the Ngong Jockey Club.

    He is a senior

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  • Hon. Duale Aden - Member

    Hon. Aden Duale is the Member of Parliament for Garissa Township constituency.

    He holds a bachelors degree in Education from

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  • KVA Chair-Person

    The sitting chair-person of the Kenya Veterinary Association is a member of the K-Lift Board of Trustees.

    The current KVA

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