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The Company agrees (subject to the terms and conditions contained herein or endorsed thereon) to indemnify the Insured in the event of accidental death or damage or loss to the dog specified in the Schedule, as caused by internal and external injury by moving or falling objects on location or in transit, lightening, fire, windstorm poisonous bites, Diseases of terminal nature or euthanasia/mercy killing on a vets advice, and epidemics during the period of this insurance.


The insurance afforded by this Policy shall take effect at the commencement date and shall remain effective up to and including the expiry date as set out in the Schedule.
Any extension of the period of insurance shall be subject to the prior written consent of the Company.

The basis of determination of the sum insured for this insurance shall be as set out in the Schedule.


Unless agreed otherwise by a specific endorsement, the aggregate liability of the Company under all the sections of the Policy shall not exceed the amount stated in the Schedule during the period of the Policy.


This Insurance shall cover losses during the period of insurance arising out the following perils:


Accidental death due to lightening, internal and external injury, fire, windstorm, snake bites flooding and any other sudden, unplanned and unexpected event occurring on the Location or within 20 Kilometer range from the Location, not under the control of the Insured, resulting in death of the insured Dog. Transit of animals beyond the limit is subject to notification to the Insurer where conditions and exclusions shall apply.


Is the presence of a pathogen or a number of pathogens which have a causative relationship to the mortality of the insured Dog as demonstrated either by their (its) isolation and identification or reasonably assumed following histological or pathological examination of dead Dog and certification by a recognized disease expert.
Disease as caused by negligence, poor husbandry practices or failure to adhere to vaccination programs as recommended by the veterinary office are not payable under this policy.

 In respect of losses attributable to diseases as defined, indemnity for a new claim from the same cause will only be payable if the Insured can demonstrate that the level of mortalities has returned to that which was experienced in normal farm operations before the outbreak.


This insurance shall cover mortality or loss of dog caused by accidental ingestion of poisonous plants or materials in the animal‘s natural grazing environment unless otherwise as excluded under section 8.5 and herein below.


With respect to loss due to mercy killing it is a condition precedent to liability that a qualified veterinary officer, appointed by the Insured, shall first have given a certificate that the suffering of the animal is incurable and therefore immediate destruction is imperative, or a governmental order to slaughter animals due to an epidemic disease outbreak exists and has been issued by the local competent authority.

An outbreak of a particular disease as reported by the Ministry of Livestock with potential of casing mass mortality in dog within defined geographical region. No claim is payable under this policy if the government compensates the farmer from the epidemic. Should the cash compensation paid by the government be less than the actual claim payable then the company will indemnify the insured for the difference between the actual claim payable and the cash compensation received from the government. The company shall decline all new covers upon declaration of an epidemic until cancellation of such directive by Ministry of livestock.

Insured are all animals of the canis species which belong to the farm(s) described in the Schedule, provided they are older than 90 days.

Insurance is provided only for the Location(s) specified in the Schedule.

Download Insurance Form