K-LIFT provides financial support to farmers and other entrepreneurs in the Livestock sector and other related industries. Our goal is to lift Kenyans out of poverty through animal resources.


 K-LIFT loan facility will be available to any person from any part of Kenya who is earning a living from the livestock industry. This is whether one is involved in production, processing or marketing of livestock products or any other livestock related activities.
The loans are available to individuals, partners, companies, organized groups or Co-operative Societies involved in livestock business.

You qualify for K-LIFT Financial support if you are involved in any of the following businesses:-

  • Livestock Farmer (activities supported are for example, buying of high quality dairy animals, construction of zero grazing, pastoralist, broiler or egg production, dairy goats, rabbits keeping, pig keeping, purchasing of equipments or machines necessary for production, etc.)
  • Animal Health Service providers (veterinarian or Animal Health Technicians)
  • Artificial Insemination.
  • Agro-vet shops.
  • Milk Processors
        a. Buying raw milk, cooling, pasteurization, yoghurt/mala production, cheese making, etc.
        b. Milk bar.
  • Manufacturer of animal feeds.
  • Co-operative Society offering support to Livestock Farmers.
  • Livestock Traders.
  • Dealer in Hides and Skins especially through value addition to finished products.
  • Honey Processor or Producer.
  • Fish farming, processor or fishing.
  • Procurement of Assets required for livestock Enterprises e.g. motorcycles, etc.

As long as one is dealing with a business involving livestock then K-LIFT is your partner in offering you affordable credit.