I was introduced to K-LIFT then KVAPS by the then Head of Hides and Skins Department, Dr. Mwinyihija at the beginning of the year 2010.  Back then I was trading in Hides & Skins on a very small scale.  When Dr. Mwinyihija advised me to try to add value to the raw hides, I did not have enough capital to do it and that is when he introduced me to KVAPS.  The entire staff, led by Dr. Stephen Kiniiya were very supportive and that is when I got my first loan of Kshs.400,000/=.  I was able to turn some raw hides into finished leather which I partly sold and some I made shoes, belts and pens.  

I repaid the first loan and now I am almost finishing my second loan of Kshs.400,000/=.  I congratulate K-LIFT for the good work they are doing to support the Livestock sector which has improved the living standards of many.  I am a testimony of their good support which made me achieve goals which could have been an uphill task without the support I got from them.

I pray to God that they shall succeed in their mission to reduce the poverty level in this great Nation.