This loan product will  be available to those  pig farmers who have well developed  infrastructure for pig production . Start-ups will also be included under negotiated arrangements.

The loan will be used towards any of the  following pig production activities:
i) Purchase of Breeding stock(boars and sows) and winner piglets
ii) Purchase of pig feeds
iii) Purchase of veterinary drugs
iv) Paying for services from Animal Health service providers
v) Labour
vi) Insurance
vii) Construction of pig sty

Loan amounts
- 1st loan- Up to a maximum of K.Sh 200,000/-
- Subsequent loans : double previous loan up  to a max. of Ksh 1.5 Million.

Interest rate
1.5% per month                      

Loan repayment period
Pigs are kept in the farm for 7 months and sold in the 8th month. The pig loan will be repayable over a maximum period of 18 months .

i) Title deed
Below K.Sh. 200,000/-: Declaration of  Pledge on Title  deed Deed , chattels mortgage,  3rd party  guarantee, Insurance for all the pigs
Above K.Sh. 200,000/-: Charged Title deed,  3rd party guarantee, Insurance for all the pigs

ii) Chattels mortgage for a motor vehicle, motor cycle or other immovable properties.  

iii) Third party guarantee.  A Registered Power of attorney should be obtained for such a guarantee.

The pigs will be insured against possible losses from diseases. The farmers will also be insured. Arrangements to meet the insurance costs can also be done with K-LIFT

How To Access K-Lift Loans
This loan is available to Individuals, partners, companies, organized groups or Co-operative Societies. Applicants will fill a KLIFT Business proposal form.  The application form will cost  K.Sh.300/-. Proposals can be downloaded here.

K-LIFT will generate social and economic benefits resulting from enhanced empowerment of entrepreneurship in the Livestock sector. By doing so, it will contribute to lifting Kenyans from Poverty through livestock.