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Poultry farming is a delicate business, often prone to huge losses. In the event of death of birds, the farmer suffers loss of income and a disruption to the rearing program. Poultry insurance compensates farmers if losses exceed a set limit. Since farmers cannot entirely control losses, poultry insurance is a wise risk transfer mechanism in exchange Of a small premium that can be part of the operating budget. With an ever increasing need fori agricultural financing, poultry insurance can serve as collateral to obtain loans from banks. This insurance gives the farmer the peace of mind to invest in poultry business without the fear of total loss.

What is covered?
Death as a result of any the following causes:
- Diseases, including epidemics
- Emergency slaughter on medical grounds
- Accidents in the farm
- Fire, lightning, flood and windstorm
- Accidents in transit from breeders to the farm
- Theft of birds

What is not covered?
- Avian Flu.
- Famine, feed poisoning & nutritional conditions.
- Endoparasites and ectoparasites.
- Intentional slaughter and/or culling.
- Feather picking and /or cannibalism.
- Wild animals or other predators.
- Diseases for the first seven days from commencement of cover and for any additional new stock.
- First 1 % - 5% of the sum insured.

Insured Birds
- Broilers from day old to 8 weeks of age
- Layers from day old to 64 weeks of age

Sums Insured
Sum lnsured= Number of birds X Market value at maturity per bird as agreed at inception.

Farmers' Responsibility
- Vaccinations of stock against common and prevailing diseases according to vaccination programs.
- Maintain good poultry husbandry and management practices.
- Maintenance of good and up to date daily production records.
- Comply with local legal requirements e.g. vaccinations and quarantine.

Claims procedure
In the event of an incident likely to give rise to a claim:-

- Within 24hrs procure the services of a qualified veterinary officer.
- Procure a Post-mortem report from a certified veterinary surgeon.
- Report the incidence of loss to us immediately but not later than 72 hours of its occurence.
- Submit claims documents to us within 14 days of loss which includes duly completed claim form, post-mortem report and photographs of the carcases.

Amount payable
The weekly pre-agreed price at the point of loss as specified under the indemnification scale chart.

How can a farmer apply for poultry insurance?
- Contact K-LIFT

Rate: 4% of the sum insured

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